Laney VH100r

Purchased from music go round, used for $650 +50 for shipping.

My amp finally arrived from California the other day, and ive had to wait until today to play it(grrr). First let me say this amp is amazing it was everything i hoped for(except the ass who had it before me had to put 6l6 in it). It has pristine cleans, all the way up through super heavy crushing distortion. The clean channel is about as clean as it gets, nice and sparkly. it has alot of reverb, the tank is huge! With the drive on, you can get some really nice classic rock ish tones. the gain channel is definitely one of if not the best gain channel ive ever played through. you can do heavy rock and old school metal, and with the drive mode on, you can get very nice, very smooth modern levels of gain. it is very very tight and that is one of the things i like the most about the gain channel. very tight and very responsive to playing, palm mutes dont fall apart. it has alot of clarity even with the gain dimed.

final thoughts: im very satisfied, one of the best heads ive ever played(maybe the best). the versatility is amazing. and with all the effects loop options, you can actually do the jumper boost trick twice and get a double boost out of it. my only complaints are about the store, or rather the condition they sent it in. i ordered it from music go round, and in the pictures they made it look nearly brand new without a scratch. they were pretty high res too. after i got the amp, i took the whole thing apart and thoroughly cleaned it and gave it an overall tune up. several screws were loose, there was like glue all over the face plate, i found a few tolex rips and even some defects in the wood on the bottom and back of the amp. its like they didnt maintain it at all, or even so much as like wipe the dust off it every once in a while. if i didnt know as much about amps as i do, itd stil be all loose and shit, and wouldnt be as solid. oh the repairs begin haha. but, no, its not like broken or anything at all, there were just a few bumps in the wood, the insides look new. one problem tho is it is pretty noisy akin to a crate on the gain channel, and im assuming this is because of the preamp tubes which are probably stock, which have no indication of brand or make at all on them. i was kind of disappointed about this expecially since ive heard these amps are pretty quiet even with gain dimed. hopefully a tube change will fix it. there were those no names, some marshalls, and for power tubes there were two jjs and two sovteks. idk how they pulled that one off.


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Good shout man. Laneys are nice amps that have quite a unique voicing. Like a marshall but without the boxy mid type sound marshalls are known for. They also sound alot better in a band mix then on there own IMO
great amp. i likes.
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I just recently saw a pop-punk band from Florida and the lead guitarist was using this and an Orange 4x12, great punchy tone. Way better sounding than the rhythm guitarist's JCM800.
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