hello everyone! my friend has this old epiphone semi-hollowbody, it needs some repairs and i was wondering what year do you guys think it is or if its even a real epiphone and if its worth fixing. it has some peculiar looking pickups.


here are some pics hopefully this attachment thing worked
Does it have any sort of serial number?
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I'm gonna say It's a epiphone dot. But I'm probably wrong
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i think its an epiphone dot im probably wrong
and yes its worth it but then again im the guy that picks up broken guitars from everywhere and anywhere and nurse them back to health
no serial numbers of anykind, what do you guys think of its pickups though? i've never seen any like them!
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no serial numbers of anykind, what do you guys think of its pickups though? i've never seen any like them!

Hell, i would nurse it back together jsut because of what it looks like, call it your own, be unique
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Definitely NOT a Dot or anything close to one... it's definitely vintage, I'll bet '60s or '70s. I say get that thing to a local shop and have them look at it.

EDIT: Someone beat me to it. Good luck! Not gonna lie though, I've never seen pickups quite like those before. Looks cool!
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