my buddy is hooking me up with a Paul Stanley Silvertone Apocalypse (not pro i think)

and wanted to know if i can add emg's as well as 12 gage strings

click here if you don't know what im typing

i would not to have to pay any money (because the guitar is going to be free) but i don't mine paying for the EMGS and strings oh and i play death metal so thats why im asking questions

thanks for any help i get and if i cant use this guitar for death metal then whats a good guitar for under 300 thats good for death metal
That video is lol.
Marshall amplifiers are the truest purveyors of rock and roll known to man.

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not sure if trolling...

if so go to the pit to do that and leave us intellectual folk be.

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stroke the furry walls.
I don't know what your talking about all I know is I need help founding out if its worth all the troable doing this
Yeah, don't listen to the guy telling you you can't put 12's on a squier. It doesn't matter. If you put thicker strings on it, though, you'll have to file the nut a little to have the strings seat correctly. You can still use thinner strings, but they won't be a perfect fit. It doesn't matter either way, with any guitar.
EMG's are good for death metal, as are a lot of seymour duncans. Looks on youtube for sound clips to decide what you want. Check out guitarfetish.com and irongear.co.uk for budget pickups.
Bari Build

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you know that with a lil work, you can do anything on a guitar.and.... its a guitar so, yes emgs and 12 gauges can be put on. oh and may i recommend gfs humbuckers???

ok, just watched that video and it kinda scared me, i think its time for a tripod. lol ur video was like the blair witch all over again! lmao
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