Hello guitar community, I am working on a song. The chord progression is B,G,D,A in drop D tuning. Please Give advise
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Is it a b minor chord?

As that progression stands, it doesnt fit perfectly into any traditional key. I would change the B to a B minor chord, fitting it nicely into the key of B minor. Then just play a B minor scale, b minor pentatonic, arpeggios outlining the chords of the progression, and you're golden.
power chords? coz thats not very helpful

what kind of chords are they? major? minor? diminished?
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Well, playing it in 5 chords, it seems to resolve to B. If we add the color tones I'd say it's most likely in B minor. I hear it as Bm, G, A ,D. Could make it resolve to D major as well though, but for now, I'd say use B minor scales over it.
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