I went to the store the other day and decided to pick an Indie Super-T in black that was there. For its price this guitar plays extremely well especialy after I had set it up and tweaked it to my liking (but not before noteing its stock features for you here at UG).

Warning: Long-ish Review.

The first big thing i noticed about it was that it had a humbucker in the bridge andnot the traditional single coil like most teles. I play in a post-hardcore band and this pickup handles high gain exremely well for a stock pickup. In the neck it has one of Indies own single coils. It delivers impressive clean qualities especialy in use with the humbucker. nice and clear but with that nice pronounced tone.

The neck on this guitar is a basic modern C shape. It feels good in my hands. Not a baseball bat but now a Wizard either. A nice balance. Its a 22 fret (weird for a tele right?) bolt on maple neck with a rosewood fretboard. The frett access on thsi model is actualy well within reachability with minumal comprimise to you playing ability. The frett job is absolutly perfect. Headstock bears the Indie logo in black.

Finish: The body of this guitar is pretty nice. It is a solid body with a Flamed maple Veneer top (sadly yes it is veneer and not the real deal). This model has a black/grey finish to as opposed to the other blond/natural look they offer. the finish is quite durable an is resistent to the normal damages guitars face (ie fingernails, pick strokes ect). The neck is feels very similer to a tru-oil finish. super smooth, not glossy, and feels super fast. It also boasts a beutifull pearloid pickgaurd with a blueish tint to it.

all the hardware on this model is all Indie made in there home factory. Everything is gold plated on this model to accent the black finish and dark fretboard wood. The tuning heads have not given me any trouble tuning stability wise so far and seem to hold up well on there own. It has a 3 way tele style switch and control plate and a tele inspired bridge but more modern with individual saddles. Everything is securly in place on this guitar it was put together well.

Conciderign this guitar is one of there cheapest models it is simply a awsome guitar once it has been set up to you personal standards. Wich for me is low action and slightly rasied neck pickup for more emphisys when i select it. I had no Problem setting it up the day i got it home. Intonation had to be re-adjusted to suit my use of dropped tuning but outside of that it played extremly well and little was realy needed to be done outside of the factory setup. Its also super light. This was a seeling point for me. I enjoy lighter guitars. I feel more free to move on stage with them as opposed to my RG wich iIfind a tad to heavy.

All in all for a cheaper model guitar it is definitly worth the price and then some. I can see it growing as a top contender on begginer-medium level guitar player's list of choices when buying there first guitar or upgrading for somthing a little more styleish looking.
That is a sick looking tele man! Finish on the body looks awesome and the gold hardware looks good too. The neck looks a little cheap though, my only problem. How much did it set you back and where can you find these?

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i like it! i hadn't heard of these before. it's like a really cool fender tele plus. i'm not sure if i like the strat headstock on the tele body, but this thing looks badass. happy new guitar day
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@Bullet: Thanx man its a super sweet guitar. Plays liek a dream
@sammo_boi: They can be found everywere man. Try there website it has a dealer locator.
nice guitar

i'd get strap locks if you plan on playing standing up so you won't break it


Where's Waldo?

Lol the strap locks have been sorted out ala Phil-X style. It survived a whole set @ the opera house a little while back with them and was fine even through 2 guitar spins.


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We had a choice at our shop between Indie and Vintage guitars...we chose Vintage because Indie already opened up 3 other stores around us, so we didn't want to get into a pricing war on the line, though one of the guys at the shop got his band sponsored by Indie so we may be revisiting that again soon. They sure are picking up steam as a great budget guitar these days.
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They play and look nice and are also affordable. Great for beggniner guitar players who want to emulate a hero but cant afford the real deal. I mean this Tele cant realy be compared to a vintage Fender Tele as they are very diffrent guitars but astheticly it great.
Cool. A store near me has one of those. I wonder what's the actual body wood.
I beleive Paul 2 indie guitars in cornwall told me Basswood but i could be mistaken. Th eflam emaple is definitly a veneer