Like I mean, record the other person's voice and picture on the other side. Obviously I can just copy paste the chat and save it.
Screencap program along with recording the wave out in audacity or something similar. I don't know of any programs that will do both at the same time.
maybe if you had a
suck less

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Use video capture software? Like Camstudio or Procaster?

EDIT: ^Most screencap programs do record audio out if you set your recording control to "Stereo Mix" or something along those lines.
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Camtasia records both video and audio, and can record just a program, so I suppose you could set it to record just Skype.
Slightly off topic, but am I the only one who immediately thought that TS most likely wanted to record his camsex sessions with his girlfriend?
^^lol something like that actually.

Anyways I'll look into these programs... are they free?
^ Oh God, I hate those. TS use a traditional camcorder.
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Something like that = Convincing stupid teens to strip on webcam for you?

Ya know, not everyone on here is a 4chan pervert.

If you have to know I'm chatting with a Venezulan girl I had a (very) brief "relationship" with and I told her I want her to dress up and look sexy for me, and wear a specific hairstyle I like a lot. She's into me, and she's gonna do it. Just some harmless internet flirting with someone I've actually MET IN REAL LIFE.

Then I'm gonna use the footage to convince my pussy friend to ****ing call this girl (not my girl, dif girl) and get some action going. He's a good looking confident guy so he has no excuse. He's just afraid of rejection I think. He's focusing on fear of rejection instead of the rewards of success.
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Skype might have an add-on that does it. If you open up skype and look in the tabs on the top you'll see an add-on button.