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So, I've been looking into buying a new guitar. I want to use this new guitar for rock n roll.. from the real elvis kinda thing to probably even as heavy as QOTSA.


Two of my friends have an electromatic, and they sound awesome for this kind of thing and they never have any troubles with feedback. Now, my question is, if the G5122 is also capable of handling quite some distortion before it goes into feedback zone.



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I think it is but I must warn you, since the bridge isn't fixed but just pressed down by the strings, my friend had some troubles with intonation when he played harder. The bridge moved slightly back and forth and it was a really big issue for him. So if you have a rough style of playing you might wanna check out some other options.
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Gretsch electromatics are awesome! Well worth the $. The G5122 is a hollow body, but it's got a pretty slim profile, so feedback might not be that much of an issue, even less if it has a sound block in it.

I'm also pretty sure that there's a post on either side of the bridge to keep it from moving around and messing up intonation. Even if it doesn't have the posts, it's a cheap and easy mod.

If the feedback is that big an issue for you, you could go with an Electromatic Special Jet. Even more affordable, and the solid body will solve the feedback issue 100%.
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The bridge can be a problem, as mentioned above. I think you would be better off with the Corvette.
I took my Gretsch 5120 back to GC and got an American Tele.....I wanted to diversify my collection, but I just wasn't feeling it. Feedback, and the bridge were problems.
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