So, normally I wouldn't make a thread for this, seeing as how I could figure out the workings of a song just fine by myself, but I'm not all too sure at what happens in this song at some points.

For example, the part starting at 0:25, the most prominent guitar is playing in B minor, while the other guitar is playing C major (or one of the modes of C major). Does this suggest a polytonal part?

The next part at 1:26, the bass part sometimes plays these outside notes, but he puts a lot of emphasis on them. I think he plays them to increase tension, but why does he play those notes then? (So, why they don't clash all that hard with the other parts, but still add tension.)

At 1:48, the guitar playing the 'lead' plays a part that is in E dorian (so without considering the rest of the parts joining in). Then the other guitar part suggests a key of A, and the bass suggests a key of A major again.





After taken the advice of this forum to don't dabble in modal theory before understanding diatonic theory, I now wish to get some more grip on modal theory.

Most of the basic stuff of how modality works is easy for me, but when there are such complicated and intricate parts, I lose track

And finally the bass part at 1:52 isn't correct on the tab, I think. I tabbed it out myself before, but I forgot what it was ><