I got this guitar ages ago and it was my first :3. I've never heard of the brand Sanox before so i googled it and came up with some people saying its a quality, rare brand of Japanese made guitar from the 70s-80s, and some people saying its a cheapo brand.

Anyone here heard of them? and can offer any input?

(i compared the sound to my Les Paul and its actually quite good)
Cant find anything on your model.

Sanox seem to produce rare models such as the sound creator. They dat back 20 to 40 years ago and nealy nobody has heard of them.
best i could find is that the company was a MIJ company in the 70s....probably got killed off because of the lawsuits.....
Quote by rajandmaria
how does it sound when played????

it actually sounds quite good, nice and bright kinda like my Les Paul