I searched for a amp online and found a Gallien-Krueger Backline 110, has anyone tested it, is it ok or just crap?
GK is a really good brand. the backline series is basically eqated to marshalls mg series. i have the backline 600 and 115 cab and love it. but you're not going to know unless you try it out.
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The Gallien Backline series is shoddy, or so Ive heard.
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I own one. For the love of the low end, avoid these. Mine has a questionable tone after 2 years and clips when you push it.

There are so much better options in that price range.
I play through a GK 700-RB that I absolutely adore, and a friend of mine owns a Backline head. The thing I noticed most about it is that it has absolutely no bark or bite to it- It lacks personality when compared to the sound I get from my 700-RB. I know some people strive for transparency in a rig, but I'm not one of those. Sure, the Backline has distortion and all, but it just lacks the low-end feel I'm looking for in a rig. I played these through the same cabinets, for reference. They are quite cheap, though.
I have played mine for over a year and done some small gigging with it. For a practice amp this thing is pretty much exactly what I needed. Loud enough, small enough to lug around, and at lowers volumes dials in decent tone with the EQ. I'm not much for distortion in bass but its a nice feature. Gigging and practicing with a full band as opposed to alone at home is another story. This amp can keep up but it does clip if you push it too hard and it starts to get what I would call a "farty" sound as you crank it.

So in short for just a practice amp go for it, for gigging look elsewhere.