Okay, so I've been playing about seven years, and have always used Landstrom Sharkfin picks, the red (thin) ones (http://www.lordofthestrings.com/lots/picks.html), and I pick diagonally across the string with the hooked end of the plectrum. I'd say I'm good, though obviously, matter of opinion. Here's a Protest The Hero cover which is over a year old, I've improved from here, but, yeah: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3L-mRaGc1k).

I'm wondering if picking diagonally is going to cause me problems as I progress further. My sweep picking has always been a problem, I can sweep, it's not super-tough, but because I pick diagonally, my hand doesn't go down perpendicular to the strings, it goes in an arc, meaning it starts closer to the neck pickup on the thicker strings, and ends up nearer the bridge picking on the thinner ones.

I'm more concerned with hybrid picking, I've been learning a lot of Animals As Leaders stuff, On Impulse in particular, which makes use of picking and fingering notes at the same time. I can handle it, but I'm wondering whether the investment of basically re-learning to play straight downward with a standard pick is going to be necessary to really master the guitar.
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How much of a "Diagonal" are you picking in?

Personally, I can sweep going straight or diagonal (just tried it out) so I don't think that this is going to be a huge problem for you (I also hybrid pick too)...unless the diagonal or arc is huge and/or actually causing you noticeable discomfort?

Does it even "trip you up" when you're playing?
it shouldn`t cause you a problem providing it doesn`t become a habit, rotating the pick from flat right the way through 90 degrees can give some very unique sound to your playing, but you must vary your right hand techniques as much as your left hand to give your sound it`s individuality