I think there was thread about this recently but I couldn't seem to find it, so I guess I'll make another one because I didn't really read the last one.

Basically, I have absolutely huge hands (nearly Paul Gilbert huge) and I'm not exactly sure about my thumb position that I've been using for the past 2 years of my guitar playing. Basically, when I'm in the first 12 frets I usually have my thumb in classical position (thumb perfectly anchored behind the neck) and play comfortably without a problem. However, when I start getting into the 12-24 frets, the tip of my thumb kind of rests ontop of the neck, not over, just kind of on the top-ish, and I see myself doing this the most when I'm doing 5 string sweeps in the higher frets.

So I tried to fix this by keeping my thumb perfectly behind the neck in the higher frets and it felt incredibly awkward, uncomfortable, and unfluent. So tell me, with my xbox hueg hands, do I have an exception to rest my thumb comfortably in the higher frets when I have no problem stretching my fingers like that anyway (not the lower, just the higher)? Thanks.
Thanks, and for some reason it wouldn't come up on the search bar lol.