Hey Guys,

I'm moving to Cyprus in 3 days and my accomodation has fallen through! (The guy I'm moving out with, who flew out weeks ago hasn't bothered to find us a place to live and has since decided he's moving back the day I fly out!!! - he's been utterly useless!)

I only found this out about an hour ago so need emergency accommodation. I'm VERY confident I can get a job within a week - just need somewhere to stay for a few nights in Paphos.

I know there's gonna be loads of people saying I'm an idiot and should put it off for a while - but my flight has been booked for weeks, I've finished work and have my heart set on this more than you can imagine. I NEED to go. I can't stay where I am for many reasons and need a fresh start.

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Hotels. They exist for a reason.
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Hotels. They exist for a reason.

I think she wants to like, live there forever and stuff.

But yeah, if you only need a week to find a job (suspect- prostitution (she is female...)) then it can't be that bad.