When browsing the guitar ads, as I occasionally do I stumbled upon this little beast!
After waiting for five long days my package finally arrived!

A Maxon OD808!

Here's some pictures.

I couldn't be happier with this thing, I still have to buy a power supply but until then I'll use batteries.

Short review:
The pedal is in a pretty good condition, there's a few scratches at the back but that's not gonna bother anyone.

I use the Maxon as a boost, it gives a nice mid hump which was exactly what I needed. With the overdrive set on 0, balance on 10 and tone on about 6 it makes my Engl Screamer come to its true nature and I feel that's exactly what my amplifier deserves.

With the Maxon being an overdrive pedal, I actually tried using it as one. With the overdrive set on 10, and my amp set on clean it manages to get some nice AC/DC tones.

Unfortunately I've got nothing to record with, so no clips for today.. maybe a youtube video later.
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So, what's the difference between this pedal and, say, and Ibanez Tubescreamer? For what it's worth, even the price is the same.