I've been working on this over the last few days, the intro might be a bit long and minimalistic for some but that's sort of what I was going for. Also, I'm a bit unsure about the transitions and the slide at bar 67 seems to be acting a bit strange but I'm not sure if it's just on my computer or not. All crits much appreciated.

Note: Listen in MIDI.
A Sense Of Closure.gp5
A Sense Of Closure.gp4
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I only dislike jazz guitar bit at 39 bar. Synth is pretty awesome, same as drums and bending on electric guitar.

I will definitely listen to this track. Record it dude!
Crit as I listen

This is beautiful for Guitar Pro. I can't imagine how wonderful this would be with real instruments. The emotion is there. I like it all so far. The drum accents hit the spot.

And the beat after is glorious. The "almost there" feeling of the bends is magnificent. This has to be the smoothest usage of 7/8 I've ever heard. I would have rather seen it notated at twice the tempo in 7/4, this looks a bit messy to me, but that's just me. I'm sure playing it is fine for you.

Maybe crashes aren't right for this kind of part. I think I know the sound of crash you're going for, but maybe some soft ride hits or swooshy gong like chinas would be good. I can hear, I can't explain it. I'm sure Guitar Pro isn't such a great tool to be writing something smooth like this.

I love this. This would work as a great intro to a border line BTBAM like song. It's really beautiful. I'm jealous of people with the patience to write music like this and are able to notate it on toys like Guitar Pro. Good work.

Mine is worlds away from this, but I'd like it if you listened. You seem to know what a good song sounds like.

Alright, listening to it now.

I - I really liked the soft jazz guitars very relaxing. And the pad added a very interesting atmosphere. It worked really well. The electric guitar coming in was very interesting. The fades did sound kinda off at times though, needs more fade out along with the fade in.

II - Great transition into this. Has some really interesting sounds at the beginning.

III - Once again another great transition. I liked the drums on here. The jazz guitars here somehow worked well with them going all over the place. I really liked Track 7. It was very relaxing, yet a bit upbeat.

IV - I didn't really like the transition onto here. I felt like the song lost some of it's value when the clean guitars just went away, and I'm not much of a fan of the distortion guitars. But near the end of this part, the distortion gets alright.

V - Very interesting part. I loved the transition kind of slowing down into a sort of trance. Gives it a great mood and has a great feeling to listen to. I loved the Rhodes piano at this part too.

Overall - I really enjoyed the song. It was very impressive. Some parts sounded a bit off, you might wanna go over it a bit more. But overall, I really liked what you were going for. It had a really nice ambiance, you really get this calming but kind of depressing mood throughout the song up until the ending where it feels kind of like you just slowly fell asleep.

Great work!