so im getting a high pitc h buzz if i turn the tone knob on my squire p bass all the way up or een half way. now i can get rid of the buzz if i turn the settings for trebele and mid to half or below. even that does not make it compeltely go away tho. Also when i turn the tone knob i get a crackle. Is this a problem or normal. Im new to bass so i have no idea. My bass a,p settings are bass 10 mid 7 treble 9
Getting a new cable might reduce the 'buzz'. It is a connection error somewhere. It could just be your bass. My Squire wasn't all that good and it had this problem too. I used to just create the opposite tone and whatever. You should maybe get it checked out by somebody that does electronics because it could be a grounding issue, which could be dangerous.

You get a crackle because of dust in the pot, it happens.

Also, you don't need to really have everything on your amp that high, but the EQ issue isn't as much of the problem as I think compared to the bass probably just not being amazing. It happens with my bass's bridge pick up and it isn't all that good of a bass either.
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You don't really need to put the tone that high if the noise bothers you that much, but it is probably something that can't be fixed very easily, so you'll probably just have to get used to either the buzz or the tone.

It may be fixed by getting a new wire, but I doubt it.

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Its is probably either a grounding or shielding issue. I had the same exact problem with my accubass. Its an easy fix, but if you aren't great with electronics, its also a cheap fix as well.
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This could also be a grounding issue. When you touch the bridge or the knob itself, does the noise subside at all? If so, that's probably what you're looking at.

um yes actually. the shop was supposed to fix that. ground was their reasoning too. (ive had this bass fixed for this problem twice already) anyway they just ****ed up twice)?