I have a line 6 lowdown 400 watt head, a 4x10 acoustic cab, and a schecter c-4 XXX bass.

I have about 600-700$ to upgrade, I was thinking maybe some pedals, or an additional cab, or a fender deluxe p bass special.

Any input? I play in a technical metal band.
My gear:
-OLP practice amp 10w
-Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky Strings
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Hmm, would you consider selling your current amp setup to add towards a budget for a better one?
yea, what would be a better setup for under like 1500?
My gear:
-OLP practice amp 10w
-Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky Strings
-1.14 Everly Star Picks
Is there any part of your rig that you're specifically unhappy with?
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The cab actually sounds really nice for being so cheap, and it gets loud, the head isnt too bad. It's loud, has some cool settings. The bass has its up and downs, I love the tone, but the tone is only really for heavier music.
My gear:
-OLP practice amp 10w
-Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky Strings
-1.14 Everly Star Picks
Acoustic is a solid brand and has a pretty transparent sound. If you are planning on eventually upgrading across the board, I'd save the cab for last.

Unless you're unsatisfied with your head it is a decent middle/low end amp that will push some power. If you had a certain brand you were interested in it might be worth looking into.

Go to a guitar store and play a bunch of basses. Do any of them grab you and make you think you really wish you had that one instead of the one you own?

For $600-$700 with enough patience you can get a really nice piece of gear second hand via Craigslist. We're talking about $1200 retail basses and medium/high end amps. If you like the tube sound you could get a tube amp and I think your cab is decent enough to give you a good sound with most heads.
It depends what sound you're after or if there are any problems with you're current set up, and the way you described it it doesn't sound like you NEED to upgrade, so it's down to what you want to change. I would probably get a better head, but that's just me.

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Yeah I agree that it's up to you now really... I'd get a better amp head personally.
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I would get a better head in your position, or if you're happy with it, maybe a wireless?

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