Looking to sell a few items to fund a new amp.....
All prices are shipped and paypal'd. Gift option gets you good karma!

Behringer Echo Machine (mint), $25
Catalinbread AE Silver Kiss Trinity, $175 - MINT in box.
NIB MXR Carbon Copy, $100 - MINT in box.
EHX Stereo Pulsar - Excellent condition, not a scratch.

Jet City JCA20H w/ matching 112 cab, $375 s/pp Excellent condition, maybe 30 hours playing time

Trade for Egnater Tweaker, Rebel 20, or Bogner Alchemist.
Quote by HartRacer86
Any pics of the behringer?

Sorry, didn't see your reply! I don't at the moment, but it's basically mint. I do still have it, and if you'd like it, I can ship on Saturday. I could use the cash.