I just bought a new Epiphone Sheraton II and before I played on a Stagg Les Paul Custom. I always used D'Addario EXL110 (XL Nickel Round Wound). But I really like the strings that are on my new Epiphone, they're thinner and they have a brighter sound. How do I know which strings to buy (from D'Addario) to have the same as on my Epiphone?

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You want some 9s, it sounds like. Why must they be D'Addario? Super Slinkys are brilliant.
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epiphone have cheap strings made in china, i think epiphone have their own brand strings but they're not that good, maybe look at some other string brands other than d'addario
I really want D'Addario because I already have a lot of player points and they're very cheap in the store where I go (and he doesn't have a lot of other brands and I really like that store)
so ok now I know the gauge
and which material should I use for my semi-acoustic guitar?
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You want some 9s, it sounds like. Why must they be D'Addario? Super Slinkys are brilliant.

I use to use Super Slinkies, but the high E used to snap off soo easily, I now use D'Addario's 9-42 and there awesome!
Umm.. Nice guitar there! You should've given me the les paul tho. :P anyway, I always use earnie balls rps 9. They sound good, good quality, soft, and thin. Did I mention it sounds good? Use Earnie ball's. Although I also like D'Addario's. Just get a thinner gauge. Epiphone ang Gibson has their own guitar brand, they make their own strings.
I asked the store where I bought the Epiphone about the strings and he answered that they're .010s. So the material/type should be different. Anybody any idea?
Try the Prosteels from D'Addario, I just put those on my PRS and I think they are pretty good. I was using the regular exl 120´s from D'Addario but the prosteel´s are a little brighter.
From knowledge, almost all of the Gibson/Epiphone models come out of the factory with 10s. And all strings are made out of nickel and are other just plain wound or flatwound (much like violin strings) so you wouldn't notice a difference in materials. Maybe try the gibson brand strings? But IMO the Dunlops or D'Addarios are fine, and at the end of the day. They're just strings
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