Hey guys,

I really need advice on which pickups to buy.

I need a bridge pickup that can do never,neverland style metal(anihilator) and acdc-ish style hard rock, decent cleans are important, but they don't have to be great.

I need a neck pickup with great cleans, as that is what i'll mostly be using it for, but also a good brown lead, think GnR.

I'm swapping out from a pair of PAF vintage mk4's in my tokai Ex-55, solid alder body, canadian maple set-neck and a rosewood fingerboard, i'm using a Marshall vs102r hybrid amp.

Bareknuckles are to expensive right now, and plz don't refer to the "which pups" thread, i've already tried and have never been answered.

EMG's or Blackouts are your best bet, for anything past the 2 gain setting they preatty much destroy everything else, cleans are really defined aswell
I'd suggest Dimarzios. Maybe a super distortion in the bridge and air norton in the neck
Quote by TokaiEX
whys that

Because it's what determines 80% of your tone (pedals not counting) and the current amp you are using is mediocre at best. Pups are for nuances, they don't make as much of a difference as some people may think.

The music you play will not benefit from a pup swap while you're using the setup you have now. What it would benefit from is a medium to high-gain amp with a british distorted sound.

Stuff like a Marshall JCM 800 and related amps (Peavey Butcher, Laney AOR, Laney GH50L / GH100L / VH100R, Sovtek Mig, Red Bear) come to mind. Something along the lines of a Peavey Classic or slightly more modern sounding amps like an Engl Thunder / Screamer / Blackmore or Marshall's JCM2000 and JVM lines would also qualify. Depending on which tones are most important, other amps are worth looking at, too.

However, this is all pointless if you're not in the market for a new amp. What I'm trying to say is: Your Valvestate won't give you the desired tones, no matter what you plug into it. Spending cash on pups is just a waste of money unless you have an amp that actually let's you hear the difference.
The Quailman is correct. Your amplifier will alter your tone far more than you pickups ever will.