I have found that personally, for some reason, my reception of a new band / genre is dependent more upon the situation in which I am introduced to it rather then the quality of the music itself. Of course, the quality still counts, if something doesn't speak to me, I won't like it no matter what. But there have been plenty of bands that I didn't think twice about when I was first introduced to them, but later discovered that I actually quite enjoyed them.

For some reason, I cannot be introduced to a band by a friend. If a friend shows me a video, or puts in a CD, etc, for some reason I just cannot enjoy it (not to say I hate it, I just can't go "WOW, that is an incredible band!").

Instead, I enjoy searching out there for myself, via last.fm suggestions, random youtube searches, looking up who's touring with the bands I already enjoy etc. So, I guess I've come to the conclusion that I am much more likely to enjoy a band if I've come to their music on my own, rather then being introduced to it by anyone else.

For example, I find myself bored in classical music concert when they play a piece I haven't heard (with exceptions). But if I've looked up that same piece of music in an unrelated event before I saw it (lets say so long before the concert that I didn't know that piece was going to be on the program), and I listen to it, I really enjoy it!

Same goes for hearing a song on the radio vs. hearing it on a youtube video that I've looked for.

But does anyone else have specific situations in which they are much more likely to enjoy listening to new music?
Impressive live bands really get me. Especially if I haven't heard anything from them before the show.
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I find a lot of good music when I am around some of my best friends that happen to be musicians too. They play out a lot of Rammstein, Seether, A7X stuff and sometimes a band I have never heard of sounds while I am having fun drinking beer and I note them down in my head and look them up later.

Also, once a week my best friend and I bring a CD to my home and we listen to his first, then mine. And then we both discover something new. He has discovered a lot of "classic" bands via me, and I have discovered a lot of newer heavy metal bands through him.
I find that if someone I know puts more effort to push their music onto me, I enjoy it less.

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I know what you mean. Friends can introduce you to cool stuff, but it's just not quite so great unless you explore the band yourself.
I've found a couple bands from YouTube auto-suggestions, but really not much. And occasionally, I'll see something on U-G's video lesson and end up watching it and then downloading the album. My biggest method of finding new music...when I'm interested in a band, I take a peek at their wikipedia page and grab albums from related acts or bands they've toured with.
I have a Zune Pass, so I'm always just grabbing music and catching up slowly album by album. Sometimes I'll just like one album, but it's always interesting to go through album by album and listen to their music progress and pick a certain phase of their career that I like the best.
pandora radio. Thats how i liked buckethead, blood rock, Joe stump, Triumph, YES!, Apocolyptica, and pretty much all music i listen to that isnt classic rock.
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I don't think it's because i didn't find it myself when i don't enjoy a piece of music shown to me by a friend. It's because they're usually looking at me or saying "amazing isn't it" to me or something like that and it puts me out of my comfort zone.

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Twilight soundtracks.

I can say that I appreciate a band much more alone, in my room, on the computer, or listening to a record, but I will certainly not pass up an opportunity with a great band if a friend of mine is playing it in their car.

I'll just go home and awe in loneliness.
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Tool, anyone?
Alter Bridge, maybe?
A bit of John Mayer?
Some beethoven sounds delightful, as well.
I absolutely love some bands/artists that my friends have introduced me to. Some of my favorite stuff has been music my friends put on when we were burning (Japanese Cartoon, Cudi, Wayne, Santogold, Sublime, etc.).
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I like finding it myself.

However, last.fm suggestions are mostly rubbish. Mine is convinced I would love Cobra Starship...
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