I don't know if this is the incorrect place for this stuff.

I knew that using your gear and guitar in your bedroom can give a big effect to performing on outside concerts. So, I decided migrate my gear and practice downstairs in the big room which is in the basement; I knew that with a 15 watt amp and some pre-gain volume, the sound almost echoed throughout every room in the basement.

So, the big question is that do you use your gear likely in the basement or garage because its like performing on stages?

I'm usually doing this to figure out if I'm good enough for a band.
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your on the right track buddy!

you have to get use to playing at loud volumes and then tweaking your tone at loud volumes as well. Note: every venue you perform at is different and you will always have to tweak your gear to get it to sound the way you like it in each different venue.

another thing you could do is get a graphic EQ (like a 15 to 31 band rack unit) so you can compensate for each different room you are in as each venue will have different acoustics.
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I think it does.

Room reverb is key. Knowing what your stuff sounds like in a bigger area is always good.
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