My 7 year old boy has just taken an interest in the guitar. I'd love to teach him what little i know. He's left handed. I've seen left handed strat style small guitars on the web but i was looking for something a bit more rock if you know what i mean. Is there anywhere that sell quarter size guitars with a nice modern look to them?
I'd appreciate some info on this.
whilst ibanez has the mikro as far as i`m aware it`s not available as a lefty, esp has a similar model but i know nothing about esp guitars
The market for lefties is pretty limited to begin with. The market for lefty short scale is pretty much non existent. I don't really think their are any. I bought a short scale to copy and make left handed out of boredom. Somebody will come in soon enough and tell you to make him play right handed.

Best bet is to buy a righty and string it upside down.
I thought that would be the case. I think i'll do what you suggest Tackelberry
and just buy a right handed one. Cheers for the advice.
Thanks Harmonicer. I should have mentioned im from the UK. I dont fancy ordering from
abroad. But much appreciated anyhow.
Check out Rondo before you subject your kid to playing right handed guitars. They're pretty good about catering to the left handed community - at least, they're a lot better about it than most other companies.

Also, they're dirt cheap, and surprisingly good quality for the price you pay.

EDIT: I just realized you said you were from the UK. I'm sorry.

I'll look around to try to make up for this post.
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Hey guys just wanna tell you that the 3/4 size Short scale that Rondo make ( the guitar brand is SX ) is still a 24 inch scale guitar on a full size body . its not a real 3/4 strat like the squier mini ( which is 22.5 scale ) .

the esp ltd kirk hammett JR is really short scale like 20.5 so they had to put .52 gauge on it to have a correct intonation . .52 is a bit heavy string for a 7 y.o child .

IMO the mini is the best but i doubt they make it left handed .

ok now im gonna sound a bit weird .. but what make you think that you kid is left handed ???... i am left handed for writing .. but i throw from the right hand . Now when i was a kid ... if i was "air guitaring " ... i always air played like i was lefty player .. ... it turned down that i start playing bass with a right handed bass and ended up right handed . simply because the choice of guitar was more easy to get i believe .. i cant really remeber why but i bought my first guitar right handed and learn to it .

i write from the left handed , masturbate too yet i learned to play with the pick in my right hand and now it would feel weird holding a pick in my left hand .

if your kid is 7 ... i think you should grab him a right handed guitar and start from there .

hes gonna accomodate for sure ...

im no guitar specialist ... i dont know if your writing hand should absolutly be the hand you hold your pick ... but im pretty sure im not the only left handed who play with right handed guitar .

dont simply look at your kid air guitar style to ended up thinking he is a left or right handed guitarist .

But if you want him to start lefty .... a real 3/4 size 22.75 scale and small guitar would be a lefty Jay turser JT30 .
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Do you know what what Skysc. I haven't even thought to ask him properly. I've just
asumed he's left handed cause thats the way he normally is. At the moment he's playing a right handed guitar and he says he feels ok. I haven't tried teaching him any chords or anything because he cant get his arm up to shape any chords because its just a bit too big.
I think ill start teaching him one string tunes first and see how he goes on from there.
Thanks for the advice there cause you may be right.