I have recently purchased a usb interface for guitar and mic input with ASIO. I use this for recording in pro tools, but I also found that I can use it for vst effects in real time. I can get a vocoder sound, autotune (t-pain), amp simulation and other effects. Is there any way I can make my own effects? I want a harmonizer for vocals or some sort of MIDI input harmony (ex: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJADxpai7Cg ) Does one exist? Can it be done? And How? Thanks!
none that i know of, but google it, there has to be one out there

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The only harmonizers I could find are commercial and rather expensive. Is there any way I can make it?
I'm sure if you search around you can find an ok one for free, but don't expect too much. Then just drop the dll in whatever folder pro tools uses for effects
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