So the problem is, I was turning my tremolo arm so that it sat in a fixed position rather than hanging loose. After another turn the place where the tremolo screws in suddenly became loose from the inside.

The connection is now loose and it feels like something inside has unscrewed or shifted.

Sadly, ive only just picked my guitar up from the shop as this happened a few days ago and they were supposed to fix it; alas, they have not.

Does anybody have a fix for this? (***IMAGES ATTACHED***)

Wow that's a shiny bridge, were you wearing a "Muddy Banks of the Wishkah" Nivana shirt or have a poster?

If you know what you're doing you could always take it apart and look inside yourself.
Haha, its the poster on my wall.

Ive taken it apart before but couldnt find a fix. It's pretty annoying considering I just gave Dawsons £46 to specifically fix it, and they havent haha.
Oh it's definitely going back, tomorrow in-fact. Was just seeing if anybody knew a quick fix in-case it happens again in the future.