Basically, my band wants to get something recorded, so we actually have something up on our Facebook, and basically, something to prove we exist other than band pictures. We're going to go for the best quality we can, but seeing as we don't have any money to put into this, that really isn't saying much.

I have REAPER, and Superior Drummer, and am doing the drum tracks through that. I'm also setting a click track with it, to help others record.

What we need to record would be:
  • Vocals More than likely, we'll multi-track the lead singer, and we'll also have backing from our bassist.
  • Guitar We have two guitarists, and will probably have overlays and extra guitar tracks as well. All our guitars will be electric (at least for these demos), and will range from clean, chorus, distorted and overdriven.
  • Bass The bass will be single-tracked, and there won't be any effects on it.

So what I'm asking is, how should we record? We basically have two options.

Option 1:

Me and the singer each have an iPod touch, and he has a recording app on his, and a microphone that plugs into the bottom. Although it's a small microphone, it actually records higher quality than I'd expect. What we'd do here is export the drums and click track as an MP3. We'd put it on my iPod, and have the next person (for this case, let's say bass records next) listen to it through my iPod, with headphones, and record into his. Then, once the bass is recorded, we'll put that on REAPER, export the bass, drums, and click as an MP3, and have the next person record. We'd follow that procedure until all the tracks are done.

Option 2:

I have a Rockband 2 microphone, and I can plug that into my computer, seeing as it's a USB mic. This way, the person could simply listen through REAPER (probably through headphones, because I don't think it'd be a good idea to have the other tracks bleed into whichever is recording), and record along with it.

Basically, what I'm asking, is which would be better, and if anyone has any advice as to how to get the best results out of this.
i would go with option 2. rock band mic's arent great, but i feel like recording into an ipod wouldnt be any better. i doubt either will give you anything that is like really good quality, but ive heard passable recordings done with a rock band mic. if you have no money and with that gear, thats what i would try first.

now lets say you guys could scrounge up a hundred bucks. which honestly, isnt that much. summer is almost over, but people still need lawns cut, fences painted, etc. so lets just say you can pull it off. you could grab a line 6 pod studio gx and record the guitars with that, using pod farm. same thing with the bass, but you could just use the straight up track. i typically dont even use an amp sim on my bass tracks, just a nice eq, some compresion and some stuff. that leaves you with your vocalist using the rock band mic. i feel like you could pull off a lot higher quality with something like that, than just using one of your two methods.

but if you have no money, option 2.
It's definitely something to look to in the future; I mean, it'd only be $25 each, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

That said, for the meantime, the two options in the OP are about all we have.
If you can get hold of a Boss BR600 that's about all the recording equipment you need to get started. I'm also using a Yamaha dd55c I'm no dummer but I can bash out a beat then add riffs, vox etc.
If you guys can each scrounge up $40 or $50, what I would do is book a day at a home project studio and record one or two songs with someone who has decent gear and knows how to use it.

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Quote by axemanchris
If you guys can each scrounge up $40 or $50, what I would do is book a day at a home project studio and record one or two songs with someone who has decent gear and knows how to use it.



really though i'd suggest everyone chipping in for a cheap usb port audio card and mic. the quality will be infinitely better than using an ipod. you could probably craigslist both for under $100