Hi Guys, just a quick one,

On the sheet im reading from teh chord box names this chord as Bbm6/Db

x 4 5 3 6 x

It comes in a progression of: Bb/D - Bbm6/Db - F/C

Wouldn't it be better named Gm7/Db? I'm guessing there's a reason why it's not called that and hope someone could shed light for me,

Andrew is correct. Bbm6.
And eesh, this chord is horrible by itself. Would be great in a jazz progression I'm guessing.
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It's called Bbm6 because it acts as the minor iv in the progression. IV - iv - I is a common jazz sub for IV - V7m9 - I.

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the gm chord would really be called a Gm7b5 in second inversion. 6dgoflntb (nice name bub) had an interesting point, it's a subdominant minor resolving to the F with a chromatic bass movement. if you put an Eb in there it would still be the same functional chord (subdominant minor) except it'd be IV-bVII7-I which would be cool.

depends on the key signature though too because if the key signature is in Bb then it could simply be a I ii V going back to Bb. if the key sig is in F however I would support the iv hypothesis.