somebody posted a pic of a new signature series guitar on here and it was about the sleekest, thinnest sexiest guitar ever. it was 7 string. i have no idea what company. i wanted to say ibanez, but im pretty sure its a small german company or something.

i remember a really old 80 year old dude talking on video about his guitar models. i dunno it was about 3-4 months ago and i just thought of it again.
The thinnest 7 string i can think of would be the ibanez s 7's
Could possibly be a blackmachine not german made but sleek?
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LAG SF1, Stephan Forte's signature model. They're French though..

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YES thats it. damn. that is sleek.

i saw a jackson sls3 today. thats the 2nd sleekest guitar ive ever held. not into the feel of the neck etc, but dang that body was lightweight and good feeling.
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LAG SF1, Stephan Forte's signature model. They're French though..

Very similar to ibanez s actually. Pretty cool though i like
sooo i just looked those up. for a master 3000 series, well it cost about 3000 US. but they have 200 and 500 series ad cost probably between 400-600 US. dude. those things are awesome. obviously quality is less than the top models, but they all have either seymour duncan pickups or EMG passives in the cheaper models. those are still name brand quality pickups not some asian garbage. so that package with those pickups still seems like a good deal.

now how much to find one i the US.....cause those things are sexy. heck people would buy it just cause the guitar. who has a guitar like that?

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