So i have a peavey vypyr 30 for my bedroom ( im gonna swap the speaker very soon for a celestion ) , i like the sound of it but most of the time i play sitting on my bed or on a barstool . Now ive found that i like the sound if i sit on the floor right in front of the speaker .

Do you think i should invest in putting my combo at my playing level with a combo stand ???

anyone have notice a difference between the floor level of a combo and raising it to your playing level ????

also if anyone have a vypyr 30 .. can you suggest a good speaker to repalce the Blue not so Marvel-lous .. they put in .

thank you .
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I have a $30 On Stage brand amp stand for my Vypyr 75 and I find that definitely makes a difference. I suspect the speakers are more efficient when they aren't as close to the carpeted floor. It's also nice because it's easier to access the knobs on the front of the amp from a sitting position.
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it just helps project the sound better i find the biggest difference is when playing live but i think they are a good investment cause they are cheap and if you are playing gigs they can make all the difference sometimes especially if you arent miking your amp
Yeah it'll help project more, which will make it seem louder and cut through mix better. I wouldn't recommend getting a celestion speaker, mainly because they're ridiculously overpriced. I prefer eminence speakers personally, and they have nice sound examples on their website. There's also a brand called Warehouse Guitar Speakers that supposedly has very good celestion clones. And both of those options are half the price of celestions
I had a 30 Watt Vypyr and I can tell you that changing the speaker is a waste of time and money. Sadly, in this amp you won't notice a big difference like you'd think/expect. I replaced mine with a Swamp Thang and it was only slightly better.
I've always found that my combos sound best when they're on the floor. Leaning them back always makes them sound less full - of course, without the bass reflecting off the floor what would you expect?
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It reduces low-end response, but you'll hear yourself better. It depends on the room whether it makes sense, as well as on the band. If you feel your tone is muffled and you only hear rumbling when playing with others, it's worth it. I wouldn't get one for home practice, seems largely pointless.