I'm pretty sure that my next guitar is going to be a Jazzmaster, but I have a problem choosing between the American Vintage series and the Classic Player. I had pretty much decided on the Classic Player, but then I noticed alot of people complain about the quality, saying it's not really a proper Jazzmaster. Apparently, it has a less warm sound than the American Vintage series, which is not really what I want. From looking at the specs it seems that the neck is a bit different too. I've tried the Thurston Moore signature model and found the jumbo frets annoying, so I'm not sure if the Classic Player's medium jumbo frets will work for me.
Now, the American Vintage series costs twice as much as the Classic Player, so it's way over my budget, especially considering I'm getting a new amp too. Is the difference between the two really big enough for the price to make sense? I have no way to try them out before I buy, so I need to know as much as possible.
I have an AVRI '62 Jazzmaster. I have played the Classic Player and it definitely doesn't feel as solid. If I was in your position, I'd definitely look into a MIJ Jazzmaster. The Japanese quality trumps the Mexican made quality and is even cheaper. Just remember you can always change the pickups to Novaks or Lollars. If you look around the used Jazzmaster market you can get one for $1000-1200.

Keep in mind you will probably have to change the bridge. The stock bridge makes the guitar almost unplayable past the 10th fret. I would recommend installing a Mastery Bridge, which would run you about another $150.

Any other questions, just PM me.
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