Hey, Dunno which analog delay to get, had a quick look and found:

Electro Harmonix memory toy
MXR Carbon Copy
Ibanez EM-5 Echomachine. (cant find a price for this one)
Im not 100% sure about the sound/features of each pedal

which is best?
Any other suggestions?

I heard the MXR isnt very long lasting, lots of reviews said it broke after 6 months - 1 year. is that right?

I guess my budget is around £70, Im willing to get a second hand one though if i need to.
thanks a lot
I had the memory toy for a few days last week, and it was a great delay pedal, especially for the money. I was looking for a delay that could mimic reverb, which it could not, so I had to return it in favor of a Holy Grail +. What kind of music are you looking to play?
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I don't know how much you're looking to spend but I use a Maxon AD999 and it's just simply amazing sounding, it's expensive though. If you're looking for an affordable analog unit, the MXR Carbon Copy can't be beat.
Add the Deluxe Memory Boy to your list.
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my budget is around £70,
the kind of music I want to play is a kind of bluesy hard rock, like early aerosmith..
But i wanna play different stuff every now and then, like david gilmour, and dave navarro when I feel like it.
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BBE two timer can be had very cheap from ebay these days

Good point and choice. I forgot about that one. I liked the one I heard.