yeah so im planning on getting a tube amp
price of about £300-400

i play mainly punk and and blues and like alot of cleans
my favorite bands of red hot chili peppers, qotsa, white stripes, the clash etc

i think most of those bands use fender amps so what would be my best bet?
i wont be gigging, only jamming with friends and practicing at home.
2nd hand orange/marshall of some sort.

1977 Burny FLG70
2004 EBMM JP6
2016 SE Holcolmb
fender blues junior maybe, or if you're really lucky a hot rod deluxe, used of course.

i've got a hot rod deluxe and i really think its amazing.
peavy classic 30
this one is new and would only cost you about £380
You could get it cheaper if you looked used though
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiDcwglYvtk RHCP with the peavy (not the best player though)
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I'd go for a Blues Junior, couple of other options...

Jet City JCA20C.
Blackstar HT-5/HT-20. A lot of people overlook the cleans on these, from the demos I've heard they're fantastic.
Laney VC15 - A little under budget, but the 30 watt is ridiculously loud for practise.
Peavey Windsor
Used Peavey Classic 30

It's also worth remembering if you plan to start messing around with delays, choruses, flangers etc. (for RCHP stuff) you'll need an FX loop to get the most out of them.

^Good choices right here man.

Both the new Jet City and Blackstar stuff sounds killer for the prices. Never heard the Laney. And the Peavey Classic 30 is, of course, classic.
i;d say stay away from the windsor, but everything else suggested would be good.
I honestly think Laney would be the best of what was suggested. Check them out if you've never used them before
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