I got a problem with my IpodTouch 2gen. At first my earphones stopped working with it so I bought a new pair of earphones which didnt work either, I tried them with an old ipod nano and they worked perfectly. So i started trying a lot of earphones in my ipod touch and found out that some work with it perfectly and with others you just hear another channel (just the guitar with the vocals or just drums), I`ve cleaned the headphone jack but the problem still goes on. What is wrong with my ipod and what can I do about it?

My warranty is no longer active. So i cant change my ipod for a new one.
A thread in the pit that has a beneficial potential? The world must be spinning the wrong way or something. Take it into a place like best buy or something, because most best buys have geek squad people there that will take a look at it and at least tell you what the problem is, how it can be fixed/if it can be fixed, etc.
I had the same problem, apple store said it was caused by wrapping the headphones around the ipod which causes the headphone jack to bend very gradually. I don't doubt this is true but since i don't wrap mine round there must be other causes.

Luckily mine was in warranty by about 2 weeks so i got a refurbished ipod touch as a replacement.

You should try a non apple repair if possible coz they told me it woulda cost in excess of £100 to get the jack replaced outwith the warranty, which is about half what the ipod cost, should be able to get it done much cheaper in a small electronics store
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You can send them off and get a new pair. May have a cost if out of warrenty.

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