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get the peavey
5 63%
get the marshall
3 38%
keep the b-52
0 0%
Voters: 8.
I put my b-52 halfstack on craigslist as a trade for a tube combo and both of these came in as offers. I want a combo for more portability. I'm stuck between the peavey and the marshall. I play jazz, blues, post-rocky stuff. Opinions? poll comming.
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You could just get a 2-12 cab or something along those lines and be good But if your dead set on getting a new amp then i would get the Marshall since they are just rock solid amps
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I have had both the Peavey Classic and Marshall, and I would say the marshall by far. But it is a rock amp, the clean sounds nice but breaks up early. Could definitely work for blues. I just couldn't ever get a good tone out of any of the pv classics i had(Classic20 and Classic50) at least for the music I wanted to play.
Imo, Peavey classics have a pretty good clean channel, and they handle light gain pretty well from my experience.

So, I'm sure it could handle the blues and post-rock stuff.