Hi, I've only just began singing, due to my band needing a backing vocalist. But when I hear my voice (On recordings) it sounds rather bad. But I would also like other peoples opinions. Recording is in my profile (Doctor Wu)

As a singer, the worst thing you can do is sing quietly, like if people are in the house.

I played drums for 3 years, but always loved singing, but I knew i was horrible. I had a really low quiet voice.

A year or so ago, i started singing when noone was home, and I can tell you the changes were great.
Im now the singer in my band.

Your singing on the song isnt bad, so you have potential. But i suggest filling your lungs and letting it rip!
^Cheers, I attempted to sing louder/more power, but it still doesn't sound great. Also, what would be better Singing Lessons DVD's or actual one-to-one tutoring?