got it bad on 7th fret of the A, 12th fret of low E, 13th fret of D,G,and B. guitar is a martin DX1. can i adjust this out? i have a wrench that fits the truss rod.
maybe. it could be truss rod adjustment that it needs or the frets could be uneven. unless you're experienced i would just take it to a repair shop because if you over tighten that truss rod, which happens a lot, your screwed.
take it to a well known luthier in ur area

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I wouldn't try to repair it yourself. You could mess up, which is very easy to do, by the way. I've been playing guitar for a while, but if my neck needs an adjustment, I still would rather pay a luthier 50 bucks to do it than try myself and end up causing hundreds of dollars in damage. Take it to a guitar shop, most guitar shops also have repair persons who will help you. However, fret buzz can also be caused by the nut being poorly cut. just tell them that you have a fret buzz issue, they should be able to figure out the problem.