I dig . Catchy stuff…a few parts were a tad bit sloppy (tone felt kinda rough, timing was the slightest bit off once or twice) but hey, it's just a demo, so whatever! I'll be keepin an eye on you boys fo sho!.
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That looks like a digestive biscuit that's been thrown up by a cat.
I had a quick listen to remember this, but it really wasn't to my music taste, it sounded very busted/blink 182 style, which isn't bad, it's just not to my taste so I don't think I should crit it.

Remember this on the other hand was much more to my taste, and I really liked it the breakdown around 2:15, that was probably my favourite part of the song, and when the drums came it it finished it nicely.

I would say the guitar's tone is a bit too tinny, I'd probably boost the mids a little bit.

The part at 1:50 is really nice as well but the drums went a little out of sync around there, but I understand it's a demo. Finally I'd boost the vocals a little bit and maybe just watch out for the high notes as his voice slipped a little bit.

here's my song