I like this. It's not my genre, but I still enjoyed it. I like the rhythm percussion a lot, as well as the strings. I'm not too sure about the synth lead that kicks in at about 1:55; I like the melody it plays, but the tone is iffy. Might be just me though. I do like how the piano takes over when the drums stop in the end, really nice. Quite laid back in general, as you said.

With some proper mastering, like panning and such, this might be brilliant. Go for it!

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I can really hear this on a Hed Kandi chilled CD or something from a Ministry of Sound album!

I think the main drums can be more powerful still. It's like they are loud but they are a bit weak, perhaps try and fatten them up by double tracking or just adding a slight bit more reverb.

The song is very relaxing to listen to, the intro could do with a bit of sorting out, perhaps have a slow attack on the strings so they fade in rather than just come in fully in the mix from nowhere.

The overall mix is very balanced and easy to listen to, I agree that with some panning adjustments you could easily make this so much bigger and spacious, But again thats something you can easily look at when you adjust.

Great track, very atmospheric, definitely something you should carry on working on!