The purpose of my question coincides with me posting this in the guitar thread not the bass - because that's where I'm confused. I know the intent of the VI was that it wasn't a bass, it wasn't a guitar, and it wasn't really a baritone (somehow - I'm pretty sure it is). I have found very mixed descriptions and hints as to how it works and hopefully someone here can clear it up. I know in the end it doesn't really matter what you call it, but I was wondering if it's safe to play through standard (not bass) guitar tube amplifiers ( i just saw a demo video on youtube of some jackass doing so, so it wasn't a comforting confirmation) , as baritones are. But I have also acquired confusion over playing basses through guitar amps regardless, and that its not really damaging to plug one through. . . and that's why I'm pleading for some assistance here.
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it really depends onn what you want to play if you r gonna use a guitar amp i would recommend 12s 4 x 12 or 2 x 12 would do nicely
I wouldn't play a Fender Bass VI through a guitar amplifier. The bass VI is very much an electric bass. Unlike a current six-string bass, it was tuned like a guitar. The lowest four strings were tuned EADG just like a regular bass. As such, it will fry a set of guitar speakers after a while.

A bass won't hurt the guitar amplifier. It will damage the guitar speakers. Some bassists still play through a guitar head and bass cabinets.

Schecter made something of an updated knock-off of the Fender Bass VI a while ago, but I believe it has been discontinued. Fender made a limited reissue of the Bass VI a while ago, but they have long since been snapped up. Original Bass VI models do come up for sale, but they definitely ain't cheap.
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^ the hellcat VI is still around. just not highly produced because not many people are looking for an instrument like this.
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A bass VI is a bass that was designed to be easy for guitarists to play when the bassist was doing something else. For example, when McCartney played piano, Harrison played a Bass VI.

And like any bass, it can be played through a guitar amp/speaker, but if the amp is played at a high tempo and high volume it can create air pressure that will tear the speaker.