Hey UG, so today, something weird is up with my amp (or guitar?). When I turn on the amp and was playing it for a bit.. it sounded fizzy and sometimes it pops most noticeably when I switch pickup positions. I also notice when palm muting with high gain, it was less crunchy. Finally, the tubes glowed blue when usually they glowed orange, but I read that this was "normal".

My amp is a Peavey Vypyr Tube 60 and my guitar is an Ibanez RG which I just recently put in Seymour Duncan Blackouts (sounded great before this happened). Installed them myself for first time.

Had the amp tubes for like six months.. Played it like 1-2 hours a day at low volumes (2 out of 13). Is it time for new tubes? If so, I don't know which one to buy.. Im such a noob

Any help is appreciated.
have you tried replacing the guitar lead? or replacing the batteries in your pickups?
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Check all your wires and solder points on the pickups.
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Before I go on and say something about this, it must be said that I don't have any experience with tube amps, but I'm pretty active on a guitarforum where tube amps often are discussed. I've been told that if you threat your amp pretty well, the tubes should last for like 2 years, so you must have pretty bad luck if that's the problem.
Definitely sounds like something wrong with the pickups. I had the same problem with a Pacifica that I had switched the pickups out. It would click and pop when I switched the pickup selector and sometimes it would cut out completely so I had to re-solder some of my connections. If you have another guitar, try using that on the amp and see if it does the same thing. Try a different cord too, etc.
check the wires and solder points to pickups and tube make certain of good connection also check your pickup toggle switch and check your input for good solders this should solve the problem also try a different cord and guitar and amp if you have one
Okay, after not touching my guitar or amp for two hours, it works perfectly fine now.. No noise or anything..

More info: I replaced the active pickup's battery with a brand new one like a week ago. I think I'm treating my amp fine, Before I play, I let it stay in standby for 2 minutes and do the same before powering off.

edit: i mean one hour.. time is slow when you're doing nothing :/
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