I've been working on this for three weeks, and it's still a little rough in some parts, but I'm content with it. So now I want to hear what you all think. No intention for vocals over it right now. All dissonance is intentional.

50 cool points for whoever can guess who I wrote this about. Most of the section names give it away. The only hint you get is that it's a video game villain.

Thanks, and as always, C4C.

P.S. You know what's really annoying? Using the bar arranger to see what it does, not realizing what it's done, saving and quitting, then opening your file the next day to realize that the last 80 or so bars of Track 1 have moved back one bar, and everything's all monkey-****ed. But I fixed it before posting, so it's all good.
He Who Sits on the Throne of the Ruined World.gp5
He Who Sits on the Throne of the Ruined World.gp4
He Who Sits on the Throne of the Ruined World midi.mid
IT sounds good, in my opinion the intro could be better but once the song progresses i like the transition between melodical riffs and non-melodical
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It's about Ganon (in the iteration of Ganondorf, specifically in Ocarina of Time). The song is a bit disjointed (not to mention very difficult to play at certain parts). Dissonance and tense, conflicted sounds are different from having a song that is fractured. Listen to Opeth's 'Still Life' for inspiration, maybe? It's not prog metal and it's painful growth for you, but you could eventually write some good and interesting stuff (if someone else were to write the drums, although I liked some of your rhythmic ideas). Still, overall very good for a submission by an average user.
Intro - Didn't like it, too dissonant for my tastes

Run, run - Nice chromatic runs =D nice section after the intro

Rise - Dissonant, but melodic enough, liked it

Disrupting - Good section

Cataclysm - Really good part! Might be a tad long for some, but I think it works fine

Ascent - Didn't do it for me. It's a slow, melodic section.. that's not melodic, but rather dissonant. Which is probably your goal, but I didn't enjoy it

TLOJ - Dissonant fun, yay! Runs a bit too long imho

Confrontation - Great section!

The Final Battle - This sounds more like a build-up/interlude than an epic final battle

Death - Loved it! Sounds great

Last Laugh - I thought Death was the outro, but the transition was excellent and this section is a great way to end the song, it worked great and was well-written

Overall: Nice song, but I'm still not sure what game it's from =/
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Very briefly, don't have time for a full crit.. I like the separate pieces but the joins and seams are very obvious. As a very vague pointer, I'd spend some time on cohesion and transition from each portion to the next
Ok, as we go...

The main theme is very frantic, I like that.

Measure 19 needs to be changed in my opinion, as it really feels like it should change and then lets you down.

Rise of a Floating Continent comes in way to soon, It needs a transition into it.

Same with Disrupting the Statues.

I think Cataclysm should be full sweeps instead of 4 note arpeggios, but that one is really just up to you.

Ascend to godhood is pretty cool, but needs drums to make it sound awesome. (Remember: drums can turn a sappy love song into an amazing power ballad.) I also think the second guitar in this part should be acoustic.

The light of judgment reminds me of metallica for some reason, but Its very good. Just the switch to 99-101 really reminds me of nevermore. Good job.

Confrontation is cool. I like the drums.

Death is very good. I love it.

The ending is cool, but it would be cooler if you kept slowly speeding it up till it sounded like jibberish, then end it with a chord.

Overall, good song, 7/10

Crit the one in my sig?

(P.S. Did you write it about Ganandorf from Zelda?)
(P.S.S That was just a wild guess)
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My first guess was also that it's about Ganon, but now I think it's about Sephiroth.
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