Here are lyrics to my song (it's on my myspace, link in the signature if anybody would like to check it out), they're kinda crazy so I think what you people think about them..

The Good Bitch of the North

In a different light
In a different place
In a different dream
In another circumstance

In the other life
In the other space
In my other pain
In my private decadence

Give me dynamite
and be sure that I'll find
and believe me I'll provide

a better start so we'd invent new lies
and brand new ways to
hate ourselves
and everything that we are

What peace?
There's no V in peace, you ****
What peace?
There's no V in peace, ****tard

Something goes on and something stands still
i'm like a non-healing wound of a man who cannot feel

Feed my inner Nietzsche
Feed my inner nazi
Feed me with pain of the unborn children
Feed my inner Nietzsche
Feed my inner nazi
Feed me with hate of the unborn killer
I liked it, and I heard the 3 songs in your myspace, man, please send me the tabs, you've got some really cool licks
Haha, that's cool, you've got a nice voice, but try singing it in a wider, more open way, I know it is grunge and it's supposed to be dirty, but sometimes your voice gets lost in the mix, so work on that ^^
Yeah, I guess you're right - the problem's that I've got no gear and it's kinda impossible to scream and sing loud & proud in a room in the house, and that's where I'm recording it all... So well, let's leave this technicalities for some time now
And yeah, I know, I really DO suck at mixes ;D
Yeah, we all suffer from not being billionaires with huge studios in our homes and professionals to mix our songs :P