I'm looking for a new guitar, one with a floyd rose bridge, active pickups, at least 22 frets, and a slim neck for $250-$450. I'm willing to part with the active pickups if the price and quality is good.

I've been looking at ESP's but there either way to high priced or not what I'm looking for. I've been thinking about getting a Dimebag but the 3 Dimebags I've played where pretty uncomfortable so its like a last option for me.

If anyone has an idea of what I should look at than thanks in advance.
schecter, LTD, jackson.... you're not likely to get active pickups for less than $550
Have you looked at LTD? They're right up your alley for the specs you provided.

But as all guitar companies have different feels, and even their models have different feels from other models, it's really important that you get to a store and figure out what is comfortable to you. That's the most important part of choosing a good guitar.

Also, good for you for not wanting a Dimebag. Those guitars are so overpriced and shitty... But I digress before all the Dean fans come... >.> <.<
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Yeah I've been searching around and the LTD's are pretty much the only guitars worth buying with these specs. Thanks for the help.

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Well I like my Dean ZX any way. :p