I've checked the stickies and searched a bit (albeit I don't know the correct term for this) but I'm still not sure on this particular technique.

I can do regular pulloffs with good accuracy and speed on all my fingers (pinky is a bit behind but I'm practicing it) - However I don't understand what the best technique for doing two pulloffs in a row would be.

Since this wording is probably awful, here's a tab example:

E|-10p8p7-10p8p7-10p8p7 etc...

I've tried playing it as expected - Putting my index finger on the 7th fret and then pulling off from the 10th fret to 8th fret to 7th fret but this doesn't seem to have a loud enough sound due to the fact I'm essentially playing three notes with one pick.

Is this completely the wrong way to approach this or do I just need to practice and make sure my pulloffs are strong and in time with each other?
Have it all be one motion.

Index finger on 7th, middle on 8th and pinky will prolly be more comfortable on 10th instead of the ring finger.

Then you you play in one quick motion, pick the 10th, pull off pinky down towards the floor, and the pull middle finger down ending on the 7th fret with the index.
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pull of at an angle so that your kinda flicking the strings when you pull off
yeah it takes practice to get it good. work it slow and make sure to get each note to ring out. you have to kinda slightly pull down or pluck on the string as you release with your fingers.
I thought it wouldn't be less sound with more pulloffs? I thought the sound in the first came from the pulloff, not the picking. Or am I wrong?

Anyways, unless I've misunderstood, you just have to practice.
slow it down and make sure your technique is correct. The way you are playing is right, its just a matter of making sure you are using your fingertips and puliing down on the string enough before pulling off to the next note.
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After practicing at a very slow speed I found the problem - My second pulloff wasn't actually pulling off at the angle and was pretty much just halting the string's vibration after being pulled off.

Thanks for the (very quick) advice everyone, I'll go and practice now. One last question is that if I'm doing a 5 fret version of this instead of four fret (11p9p7 instead of 10p8p7 for example) should I use pinky -> middle -> index? It feels the most comfortable but it's still a stretch for the middle finger. I'm guessing I should just do some stretching exercises to accompany pulloff practice to help resolve this?

Oh, and after doing this on one string about twentyish times my index finger has pulled the string off the fret board (it seems to move down every time I pull off ever so slightly), so should I press harder or focus on keeping it in the same position?
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Try to get it slow, even, and make them as loud as a picked note. The key to making it sound good is the eveness of the run. Metrognome is your friend.


There's no right or wrong fingering, just do whatever is comfortable.
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