What is the best portable recorder? I'm looking to record band rehearsals, a band demo, and live gigs. I bought the Zoom H2 Handy Recorder and it has a clear sound, but is constructed very cheaply. Now I'm looking at the Zoom H4n. Has anybody had experience with this recorder? Any other recommendations?
Are you talking fit-in-your-pocket portable? Or could you go slightly bigger?

My mate has the H2, and he quite likes it as a quick and dirty demo recorder. But he also has the Boss 1600CD, which he uses for proper recording. That's reasonably portable, it's 500mm x 350mm so there's plenty of room for it on a desk, and it's 4.9 kg. You do need a stack of other gear to go with it, like mics, cables, speakers, and generally a computer as well.
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All the portable recorders are going to be made with plastic. Even the $850 Tascam HDP2 recorders my school uses for video shoots are made of plastic.

It's not about the construction, but more about how it works and sounds in the end.

If you want sturdy construction, you're going to have to pay for something like the Korg MR1000.
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Is being careful with it not an option?

We used an H2 to record our rehearsals. It was great! Yeah, you don't want to knock it off a mic stand and then have the bass player drop his Ampeg on it, but surely someone around there is capable of being responsible for something like a nice mic.... or an H2 recorder, no?

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