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What are some of the best looking signature guitars you have seen?

I actually really like the design on the Zakk Wylde LPs.

I also like the design of the Dave Mustaine VMNT1

Post away.
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I love the white jim root telecaster. Its simple but I think it looks pretty sharp with the black pickguard and ebony fretboard.
I never heard of him before but Rob Arnold ESP is the bomb.
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David Gilmour Signature

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Holy crap, check this out!
The Jim Adkins Tele is a beauty. Thin body and a tune o matic bridge!
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Dave Grohl Signature :

One of the best looking guitars ever !
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I love Buckethead's new signature LP. It looks just... so clean. White finish, white hardware, no inlays. Except for the arcade button killswitches, haha, those stand out a little bit.

And Jason Becker's signature is definitely one of the most creative I've seen. Really pops out at you, haha. It might not be "Nice-looking" to some, but you've gotta admit it's a hell of an interesting guitar for a hell of an interesting musician. Rock on, Jason. \m/

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Isn't that Dave Grohl guitar just a Gibson Trini Lopez in a different colour? Hardly original.
No-one has said the Razorback yet?

Sure its overdone to hell by Dean, but it is one ofthe most iconic axes of all time.
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The LAG Phil Campbell signature.
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Ge that ****ing stupid-ass shit mongering hairy ass ***** ugly bitch fur tits cat eating turdburgler ESP japanese artist sig **** thing out of here.

Im sorry, i just want to vomit with rage when i see it.

As for my vote, id have to go with the roope latvala ESp sig.. although i hate emg passives.. those inlays just scream sex.
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I kinda like my JS 1000 in burnt blue but the james burton tele with the flames is epic.
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