I won tickets to the Carnival of Madness tour. I'm going this Wednesday.
Problem is... I know few songs by the bands. I need recommendations for these bands. (the songs in parenthesis i already know). Thanks.

Chevelle: (Letter from a Thief, Send the Pain Below, Jars, I Get It, Shameful Metaphors)

Shinedown: (The Sound of Madness, Second Chance, The Crow and the Butterfly)

Puddle of Mudd: (She Hates Me, Blurry, Psycho)

Sevendust: (Bitch)

Thanks again.
Sell someone your tickets and go to a good concert.
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Haha I tried!
They have the tickets at will call so i'd have to sell them the day of. And no matter what i'd have to make an hour drive to get them...
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Sell someone your tickets and go to a good concert.

Hilarious. Actually though, I think 10 Years and Chevelle are the only bands worth seeing there; I like Brent Smith's voice but not his music, I never really got into Sevendust, and I absolutely despise Puddle Of Mudd since they're just glam-metal lyrics infused with Nirvana aesthetics. Chevelle and 10 Years are two of my top favorite bands, and they're definitely worth the listen, and put forth damn good live shows.

Chevelle: The Red, The Clincher, Humanoid, Saferwaters, Closure, Panic Prone, Vitamin R, Get Some

10 Years: Paralyzing Kings, Russian Roulette, Wasteland, The Recipe, Prey, Dying Youth, Shoot it Out, The Autumn Effect
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I can't believe you didn't want to go to the CoM. I have seen Shinedown 5 times now and they put on one of THE BEST shows I have ever saw. I have seen LoG and Rob Zombie, FFDP, Montley Crue and many other bands, and I have to say they put on one of the best shows around. Chevelle is a boring ass band, same with 10 years, but Sevendust is ok. Now we get to Puddle of Mudd WOW another great band live. This was my second time seeing them and they are amazing as well. Back to Shinedown, Like I said I have seen them 5 times before and this show just blew the others all away. They played a great selection of old stuff. A lot more than I have ever heard. They played songs I haven't heard them play in three years. Then for the new stuff. They played Diamond Eyes and Her Name is Alice both killer songs. Not to forget to mention they played Simple Man. Brent in my opinion is one of the best vocalist around just knocked it out of the park. I hope you went and it changed your mind about them. That was a killer show by far the best show I have ever seen.
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