I've never had to put together a PA system before, I usually just bring my amp, and 2 mics for miking said amp and vocals. That being said, I'm not really sure how to set it up. I've got a powered mixer, and I've got the 2 main outputs going to 2 8 ohm speakers, and the load is fine because each is marked for 8 ohms. That's all well and fine. But the mixer has no aux outputs, so where do the monitors go?? And I still don't really know what a snake does....Enlightenment maybe lol?
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Does your mixer have monitor outs? Do your speakers have parallel outs?
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Unless this mixer is designed for live applications, it'll only have two powered outputs. Live PA systems have outputs for the mains and monitors while studio mixers only have them for monitors. What brand and model is the mixer you're using?
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