Does anybody know of a guitar amp with these specs?

Single channel
fx loop
NO onboard effects

It can be a combo or head. If it's a combo it has to have a jack for an external speaker.

Any answers are appreciated. Thanks!
people are gonna ask you for more details

you should include price range, gigging or not, are you willing to go used and if so what major city are you located near, and also budget

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

My budget would be nothing over $1000. I don't gig. I'm just planning on saving up money for a better amp.
Vox AC30?

Your description is just way too vague
Like, what sound do you want?
Lol that's like 50% of all amps made. "Vintage toned" could literally mean anything that sounds like it was made before the '90s.
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Clean sounding? So you're not interested in distortion from the amp?

As a Bad Monkey owner I'll be the first to tell you the only great thing the Bad Monkey is for is boosting an already dirty amp to get it tighter and give it more balls.

Are you looking for American or British sounds? Name some bands. Are you willing to look at two-channel amps as well?
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What the hell is a G&L.

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i want a clean sounding amp and I'd use a digitech bad monkey to get some hotter tones

OK, Vox AC30
i want a more american sounding amp. i would get a two-channel amp, but i want to use a pedal to give a single-channel amp more distorted tones. i already have a line 6 dr. distorto so i guess i could just use that
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what's a vintage tone.

was thinking the same thing.

you know they stilled played more than one kind of music 50 years ago.....

a bad monkey is pretty much an entry level overdrive, not what you should be relying on you're tone for. From the sounds of things you're probably going to want something with el84's or 6v6's.

Vox and Fender would probably fit you're needs the best. Also get rid of the bad monkey and get something else if you want good overdrive from a pedal. I'd get an AC30 or a used Twin Reverb RI. If you wanna save some cash get a Hot Rod Deluxe.
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What the hell is a G&L.

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I'd assume for vintage tone you'd want no master volume. So, Fender Twin Reverb 410
Prs se Holcomb is the answer