I've got a friend whose dad bought him a Strat but he never played it and he's offering to sell it to me for $100 USD. It looks untouched (no scratches or dents) and is from 2000-2001.

Should i do it?
Hellz yeah. If it's in 100% condition then that's even better.

They usually go for $300-$350 used in scratched up condition.
What kind of music do you play, and what guitar + amp do you have right now?

It's a great price for it.
Hell, if it's $100, fuck it! Do it, TS. Even if you don't play a style that utilizes strats a lot, you can put different pickups in it or mod it some other way. $100 is a rare deal, TS.
Buying it to sell it on at the price they usually go for would be wrong, though.

Profitable and wrong.

Very profitable.
yea imma do it because from time to time I like playing some RHCP or really any funkish music.
There is nothing wrong with profit. Buy the thing.For 100 there is nothing out there that comes close to a actual Fender Strat. If it is a Squire run like hell away from it. This is my opinion only but there are few Squires worth more then fire wood to ME.

The following statement is true. The proceeding statement is false.
Quote by Bhaok
If it is a Squire run like hell away from it.

It's a MIM strat
Definatly go for it. If it turns out you don't like it you can make an EASY $150 profit off craigslist or ebay. Jump on it.
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